What made Total decide to invest in an employee communication platform

30 April 2020

Key insights from Johan into what made Total Belgium decide to adopt a next generation intranet

1. Having your communication working for you as opposed to working against you, is always the better choice

People are being swamped with information nowadays. The same often goes for their working environment. In a top-down internal communication system, employees often get buried under a torrent of information most of which is irrelevant to them. And that is when people pull out.

In a trilingual country like Belgium, it is even more tricky to get relevant messages to the right people. Not only do you want people to get the information that is relevant to them. If you also want them to incorporate your messages, you want them to be in their native tongue. In Belgium that would primarily be Dutch or French and to a lesser extent German.

Luckily, Total Belgium and Spencer ran into each other. And for Total Belgium, Spencer became “Your Total”, the next generation intranet that tackles those problems at the root.

2. A mobile-first intranet promises 2 things: ‘ease of use’ and ‘also on desktop’

A mobile-first intranet means that it is as easy to install as it is to use. It pretty much works in the same way as the tools all of us are used to. That means the learning curve is as flat as can be.

However, not every employee has a company smartphone. And not every employee has a company email address either. In order to avoid reaching only part of the employees, the intranet has to be accessible on a desktop as well. So that e.g. people working at the petrol stations can use the available computers to be kept in the loop.

3. Replacing a monologue with targeted information and getting real engagement and actual feedback on top seems like a good deal

Today, ‘Your Total’ is bringing the right messages in the right language to the right audience. Additionally, it allows for two-way communication. Employees can now easily give feedback from the field.

At the same time, ‘Your Total’ is also an extremely practical tool for every user. People can get into contact with the right person in just a few clicks. At the time of writing, ‘Your Total’ had only been up and running for less than a month. Which means things have only just started.

Shortly, people at Total Belgium will be able to use ‘Your Total’ for the following things as well:
• Reporting on potentially dangerous situations.
• Having documents readily available.
• See possible other job opportunities within the company.
• …