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Spencer puts employee expectations first. Boost productivity and employee experience by making the tools you trust work better together.

Ready for the future of work? Hire your employee companion.

Spencer introduces a coherent and consistent experience on top of your existing ecosystem.

Digital transformation made simple

Simple and straightforward, no training or change management needed. Even when you’re upgrading to new IT solutions or partners, Spencer gets the job done, smoothly and transparently.

Reach and empower your entire workforce

Connect and communicate with every employee, whether your workforce works centralised, decentralised, or remote.

Proven Return-On-Investment

Aggregate actions and information from different systems to increase productivity, accelerate decision making, and drive quality and process adherence.

Unrivalled employee experience platform

Spencer delivers a seamless employee experience, turning scattered transactions into assisted workflows. By reducing the number of tools needed to complete an activity, Spencer frees up time and energy for the things that matter.



“Spencer helps us combine our critical applications into a single, easy-to-use, mobile interface. The result: a more intuitive way of working, increased productivity and happier employees!”

Patrick Vincent

Chief Transformation Officer



“At DEME we have a highly mobile workforce, which makes it a major challenge for us to keep in touch. This mobile workforce relies increasingly heavily on their tablets and smartphones to manage and execute multiple work functions. This is precisely what Spencer does, which has made it a perfect fit for our teams.”
Philip Hermans, General Manager



“The simplicity and convenience of a solution that streamlines our operations, drives employee adoption and empowers all internal and external stakeholders to become more connected is a key factor in our choice for Spencer.”
Dieter De Waegeneer, EVP Operations



“At Proximus, we employ a diverse, mobile, and of course technology-focused group of employees. What Spencer brings to the table is an engaging tool that saves time and alleviates the frustration of heavy legacy programs.”
Serge Peeters, VP HR

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