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Getting Spencer up and running in 5 steps

What happens next after you’ve decided to start using a radically better internal communication platform? What is a realistic time frame? What can you expect from us? And what is expected from you?

You too can get up and running in a matter of days. Not months.


Spencer is a solution that has been embraced not only by internal communication experts, but also by CEOs, CIOs and CHROs alike. So we can tell you with confidence: you too can get the next generation internal communication successfully up and running for your company or organization in a very short period of time. And extend the functionalities as you go.

“On time, on budget and with hardly any hick-ups: Spencer for Vulpia is alive and kicking and available in the app stores for all of our colleagues working in over 40 care centers.”

Vulpia on launch

How does it all work? 

To make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish, we’ll assign you a dedicated person from our team. We call that person a ‘Customer Success Manager’. Because that is exactly what we want you to do: succeed.

These are the steps that our Customer Success Manager will take you through until launch. And beyond.

1. Setting up

Your company or organization is unlike any other. This is where we define the scope of what Spencer will do specifically for you. Together we determine e.g. what modules and features are needed, what languages need to be supported, how the app will eventually end up on the smartphone or computer of your employees, etc.

We also require some input from you. A few examples:
    • Your privacy statement
    • Access to your App Store and Play Store accounts for distribution
    • Possibly some integration work on your end
    • …

At this point, you have unlimited access to our knowledge base. You can start learning about how to create and publish content, about how to create user lists or how to make someone else in your organization a news administrator, …

And together, we draw up a timeline.

2. Building

2 weeks time. That is what it takes for us to build your Spencer clients. And by ‘clients’ we mean the mobile and desktop applications. We also prepare and submit the builds to both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

3. Populating

Obviously, you want your app to make total sense from the very start. For that it needs to be populated with functionality and content. That is where you and your team come in prior to the official release.

No worries. We’ll give you access to the back office in order to do so, and we’ll help you out wherever we can.

4. Rolling out

At this point, it is time for everyone in your organization to start using the app. A company-wide launch event is the proper way to this. In combination with internal training and onboarding sessions, you will maximize the adoption of Spencer.

5. Streamlining

After launch, we keep helping you. Streamlining Spencer for you. Maximizing the adoption rate. Or planning and unlocking new features.

Ready to get started with Spencer yourself?

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