Effective communication with every single employee

Employees seek a genuine connection with their company, its purpose and its culture. With Spencer, you can reconnect with everyone in your organisation and keep them engaged.

Personalized news feed

The news feed shows items and topics relevant to each individual. Spencer allows you to reach anyone, at the office or on the road.

Contextual communication

Spencer adjusts its way of communicating depending on the context. Get an urgent message across to the right audience in minutes.

Pulse surveys

Keep a finger on the pulse and stay up to date with what’s happening in your organizations by running polls & surveys.

Reach your entire workforce by targeting the right message to the right audience

Support your internal communication efforts through convenience-driven functionalities for all your employees

Find your colleagues

When you need an expert, Spencer enables you to search by name and skillset to get in touch with the right coworker.

Share the knowledge

Spencer puts the right information in the hands of every employee. Easily retrievable, whether people are looking for company documents, office or contact details.

App & links

Get a complete understanding of all the tools that are relevant to your company, in one handy overview, easy to use.

Not just an internal communication platform

Spencer brings your Employee Experience to life. It ties your well-being initiatives, internal communication and HR administration all together. One consistent experience with the look and feel of your company.

Build & integrate your own Spencer extensions

Enable a fully digital workforce through forms

Connect your existing tools via the Spencer API