React Developer

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Are you ready for a step up?
We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer with a passion for React.

Our fast-paced development team is on the lookout for a new teammate that writes beautiful code. You’re well-versed in the art of front-end web development, with a true passion for React development.

You turn product requirements and UI designs into high-quality products for our clients. You write clear, maintainable code through the use of agile development standards and guidelines. You make sure you deliver a performant and stable code base.

You work as part of a multidisciplinary team, where your expertise is a vital part of your project’s success. Building, delivering and iterating on complex products, you consistently develop and improve functionalities, while optimising for the best user experience. Next to that, you guarantee a seamless integration with our back-end as well.

We believe in giving people responsibility and control over their work: as one of our engineers, we expect you to rise to the challenge of working end-to-end on our projects, from first estimate to qualitative delivery.

To stay ahead of the curve, you love to dive into different technologies and new innovations. Every two weeks, our meetups are the platform for you to share and expand your knowledge and technology expertise. And you’ll always get to learn from your team members too!


  • You have experience in writing Single Page Applications with ES6, React and/or React Native.
  • In order to keep learning, you love to keep hunting for what the React ecosystem has to offer next and are excited to use Webpack, Redux, Apollo, GraphQL, …
  • You work on the build pipeline for your applications through Webpack and CI/CD tooling.
  • Just like us, you believe in progressive enhancement to push cutting edge technology into your applications.
  • You are motivated to audit, profile and enhance the user experience.
  • You are interested in approaches such as RAIL and PRPL.
  • You create reusable code by developing libraries that can be used across multiple projects or even open source your best work.
  • You love to read up on the newest front-end innovation, whether it is about service workers, PWA’s, Accessibility or Web-Assembly.
  • In a fast-growing environment, you’re always looking to improve and adapt to the best way of working.
  • Experience with working in Scrum is a big plus.

Convinced this is the job for you?

Hit the ‘Apply’ button below to send us an email why you want to work with us. Don’t forget to attach your resume 😉.

The benefits

You become part of an ambitious organisation and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Spencer is taking its first international steps and grows as a business, you can leave your mark – growing alongside Spencer.

On top of that we enjoy the perks of a spin-off. We’re part of November Five, meaning we have access to their expertise, knowledge, and supporting services. As a result, we can ensure that our remuneration blueprint can be tailored to your personal needs and efforts. We all enjoy flexible office hours and an equally flexible income plan. You can work remotely on a flexible basis.