With Spencer, you get modern internal communication in place fast. Without disrupting the workforce.

Lately, several companies have found out the hard way that poor employee engagement can have very undesirable implications. Especially those that didn’t have proper internal communication in place when remote working became the norm. But do not despair: solving that problem is not a very laborious neither a lengthy process. And you’re very well capable of solving it once and for good.

Would you rather hear than read about Spencer? Not a problem. Book a demo. We are happy to talk to you.

The tool for internal communication that makes sense for everyone in your organization

Old or young, blue collar or white collar, … You want every single employee to align to your business objectives and goals. You want them to learn about your culture and values and find help prioritizing the day. You want them to get personally relevant information and comply with company processes without the friction. All that and more. In a way that makes sense to each one of them.

If that is what internal communication means to you, then Spencer will prove to be very valuable to you and everyone else in your organization.

Spencer has been developed with mobile first in mind. But it works just as well on a desktop or laptop. Or on any other tool with a screen running Android for that matter. So, yes. With Spencer, every organization can make every employee’s experience so much better.

The solution with an adoption rate of well over 90%, up and running in days

To be honest, 90% is almost correct. It is in fact a rounded down figure. But when employee engagement is one of your major objectives, you do not want to compromise. You want a solution for your internal communication with a proven track record of extremely high adoption, in decentralized organizations with thousands of employees.

And even in those large organizations, the roll out of Spencer is pretty much a piece of cake. Together, we can make your company’s digital transformation to a radically better internal communication platform happen in a matter of days. Not months.

Just hear us out for 15 minutes. See it as a very small very worthwhile investment of your time.

This the deal. No strings attached. We’ll be taking up no more than 15 minutes of your time. We will show you how Spencer works. And you will learn what it could mean for your organization. What do you think?