CRASH COURSE – Learn how to give internal communication a much-needed overhaul


The most complete internal communication platform

A good communication platform allows you to reach everyone, but what truly makes it complete, is adding other recurrent & relevant triggers to pull them in and make it part of their daily routine.

Push the right content

Keep your employees engaged by pushing relevant news and content towards them. Easily reach each & every single employee.

Create maximum reach

Provide your employees with functionalities that they will use on a daily basis to create maximum reach with your communication.

Coming together in a personal and contextual feed

The combination of pushing the right content and pulling them into the platform creates the best reach & relevancy which you need to get the right impact from your communication efforts.

Maximize your reach

Simple one-off transactions

Enable your employees to complete simple one-off transactions to streamline your company’s operations and increase productivity.

End-to-end Spencer journeys

Enable the Spencer journeys by developing integrations between your existing toolset and our open API-ecosystem.

Self-built workflows

Implement your own Spencer workflows to enforce your business process and make your organization more efficient.

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