Connect your existing tools via our API

Our open API-ecosystem that allows you to develop integrations between your existing toolset and Spencer in a easy-to-use interface.

Spencer brings all your different tools together into one consistent & intuitive user experience

Holiday & leave requests

Quickly request and/or approve holidays in a simple user interface. Spencer makes sure your team is informed, and conflicting meetings are handled.

Illness reporting

Not feeling well? Alert your team and manager and deal with all the hassle later. Upload the right documents and provide the right information in a very intuitive flow.

Shift management

Review your shifts & planning no matter the place or time. Spencer shows whether you work the day, night, or weekend shift including its planned activities, such as client visits.

Not just an internal communication platform

Spencer brings your Employee Experience to life. It ties your well-being initiatives, internal communication and HR administration together. One consistent experience in your company identity.

Effective communication with every employee

Build & integrate your own Spencer extensions

Enable a fully digital workforce through forms


How Proximus used Spencer on top of their existing SAP workflows

Proximus launched Spencer as new experience on top of their SAP systems. Today, 94% of its workforce installed Spencer on their (private) smartphone, with excellent qualitative feedback and a great ROI.


including personal devices


usage of Spencer
outside of working hours

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