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Do you have any questions about using Spencer? Here are some of our user’s most commonly asked questions. Find the answers right here.

How do I log in to Spencer?

You can log in with your company or work email account. You might be redirected to your company’s single-sign-on system. Multi factor authentication might be needed.

That’s all Spencer needs to access the required systems on your behalf. For security reasons, you may need to log in again every once and a while.

Where can I find this app?

You should have received an invitation from your employer to join Spencer. It will include a link to install the application. You can also visit the download page and look for your company.
The Spencer application is available on iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.

Can I use Spencer on my tablet?

You can install Spencer on a tablet as well, but note that the product is designed for mobile and does not provide a tablet optimised version to date.

Can I use the app on multiple devices?

You absolutely can! Spencer is at your service across several operating systems. All available platforms can be found at the download page of your company.

Why is Spencer not available in the official app store?

Spencer gets tailored to the specific needs and wishes of a company, and of course, it might have access to company-specific and confidential information. That’s why each client company decides on how to distribute the app. Visit the download page of your company to install the Spencer app.

Is it mandatory to install Spencer?

No, your are not obliged to install Spencer. Spencer just wants to become your personal assistant to help you out in your day-to-day office life, but he certainly doesn’t want to be considered pushy.

Why should I enable push notifications?

Spencer uses push notifications to proactively verify and suggest specific actions, or to keep you informed on the status of your requests. He goes out of his way to minimize distractions and only shares what’s relevant to you. If you wish, you can also manage exactly which types of notifications you’d want to receive in the profile section.

Is my data secure?

As a product for large enterprises, the privacy and confidentiality of the information Spencer deals with is of utmost importance. We strictly follow a number of guidelines that guarantee the safety and security of your data.

First, all data you consult and all requests you launch through Spencer are stored in your company’s designated system. Spencer does not store any of this data. Second, all communication between your company tools and Spencer is secured and encrypted. So don’t worry: Spencer can keep a secret.

You can always consult your company’s Privacy Policy in the app via the Profile section.

Who inside the company can access my data?

Spencer can show your professional contact details to other people within the organization. This helps your colleagues to easily find and reach out.

All data that Spencer displays is managed in your company and therefore complies with the existing rules to guarantee your privacy. Data such as sick leave or the details of your holidays are not shared with your colleagues.

How can I ask questions about the employee data displayed in the app?

Please contact the support team at If you’re a designated Spencer Support Manager, please file a support ticket to Spencer’s help desk.

Can my employer track my activities or access private data like pictures?

Like any great assistant, Spencer respects your privacy! Whatever you do or don’t do with the app, there is no reporting back to your employer. Spencer is only here to help. Your employer can never see your pictures or where you’re spending your weekends, that’s just for you to enjoy.

Why do I need to enter my passcode so often?

Once you are logged in the app, you won’t have to redo login as long as your didn’t log out. For security reasons you will be logged out automatically after 45 days of inactivity in the app.

Can I still use the old tools and processes beside Spencer?

This depends on your company’s policies, but generally, you can. Spencer does not replace the original tools, he just unifies them into an easy-to-use interface.

Why does Spencer say he can't complete a specific task?

Spencer relies heavily on your company’s existing tools to fetch information or handle your requests. Unfortunately, if any of these tools do not respond as expected, Spencer won’t be able to help you. You can report these issues to your internal support team.

I can't find some specific functions I did have in the original tools.

Spencer only helps with the essentials: he’s focussed on the typical workflows most employees go through on a frequent basis, and makes those as convenient as possible. If you’re a power user of certain systems in your company, it’s quite possible that you’ll need to turn to the original system to have all of those features available.

What is Spencer?

Spencer is a mobile workplace assistant application: a modular and rebrandable solution for B2B customers. Have a look at if you want to learn more about the product.