How Spencer reinforces your Microsoft 365 setup

Spencer is an official partner of Microsoft.

Office 365 is a very powerful set of tools with leading systems like Teams, SharePoint & Yammer. While some of these tools can complement your employee communication, they do not replace a dedicated internal communication platform.

The world’s leading tech analysts at Gartner have created the below summary. While O365 tools have a strong offering for desk workers, reaching your entire workforce will prove challenging.

Spencer can reinforce your existing Microsoft O365 setup, to help you get the best out of your existing systems. We’ll use the following 7C’s :

  • Collaboration
  • Content (storage)
  • Communication
  • Collection
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Communication (insights)


Collaboration is an essential element within any organization. A new document (like a Healthcare Plan) will need to be created rapidly. Tools like MS Teams, MS Word/Powerpoint Online and email will enable rapid feedback and validation of your document.

While Spencer is not a collaboration tool, we offer a messaging module to give employees without MS teams the opportunity to quickly connect through an easy Who’s Who.

Content storage

This newly created document will need to be made available to your organization. MS SharePoint can offer a secure location for this. But how can your first line workers or contractors access this information without a SharePoint license?

Spencer integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. Every Spencer user can access your SharePoint documents, even without a Microsoft account. You define levels of access based on Spencer’s segmentation abilities.

This offers huge security benefits to your IT department, as you will maintain one single source of information.

Spencer’s search results allow you to access all your Spencer content but also your SharePoint files. Simple but secure!


Communication is the core of your organization. With Office 365 your communication options are limited to email and SharePoint pages — not the most appealing formats to encourage your employees to read your new 50-page Healthcare pamphlet.

With Spencer it’s easy to create digest content items to encourage your employees to consult relevant communications.

Target different messages to different employee groups in your organization. Every feed is personalised and unique for each employee.

Spencer also offers an emergency communication option to quickly reach all your employees with a push notification on their phone and/or desktop.


Collecting feedback from your employees can be easily done through MS Forms, with advanced functionalities such as based questions.

Send MS Forms through the Spencer app to collect feedback and ensure clever employee targeting.

Or create and distribute quick surveys directly within Spencer. Avoid hour-long surveys, and use short pulse surveys throughout the year to keep employees engaged and keep up to date with changes in your organization.


With increased homeworking, there is a need to maintain the community feeling amongst your teams. Yammer is the perfect platform for your employees to post pictures of their home offices, virtual team drinks or have topic driven groups to bring employees together: cycling fans anyone?

Spencer does not allow community type messages, because you should be able to keep control of your organizational communication and steer away from the clutter.

Create updates on Spencer to introduce new joiners, or share monthly highlights of curated content from Yammer. With authorized publishers you make sure you stay in control over your core messages, and focus on a consistent tone-of-voice and visual approach.


Ensure your employees can access Spencer securely. Microsoft Active Directory is the perfect way to allow your employees to login into Spencer with their existing company password. Easy!

We offer a combination of SSO (Single Sign-On) that can be combined with the secure Spencer authentication method for employees who do not have access to your SSO.

Communication insights

Your O365 Analytics provides powerful yet incomplete analytics on your employees behaviors. Do you know how many people have read your messages? Which departments or locations are less engaged than others?

With Spencer gain a holistic view of your company’s internal communications.

Get in-depth insights in your employee communication through our Dashboards.

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