App updates

Release 23.9

A massive change in how reporting works !

Release 23.5

From easier implementation of iFrames to features that enable the publication of your articles on digital signage screens, we’re confident that this update will make your time spent with our application even more enjoyable. So what’s new?

Release 23.1

Happy to share the new features of release 23.1. First, we’ve added the ability for users to archive news items for later reference. Additionally, users can now easily share news items with their colleagues. We’ve also made significant improvements to the creation of user lists based on CSV uploads. Finally, we’ve added the Invitor Role to make it easier for users to activate their accounts. These updates are sure to streamline your experience and make working with our platform even more enjoyable.

Release 22.8

The main goal of this release?                                                                                                                                Make your life as a Super admin easier: now you can export all data from the back office.

Release 22.4

This update will be visible immediately when you open the app: the news feed got an update, giving you extra options to make your newsfeed more dynamic. 

Any questions?

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