Empowering Proximus’ employees, for an impactful digital transformation

95% of Proximus employees use Spencer (on their personal smartphone) to facilitate their interactions with the legacy software.

At Proximus, we employ a diverse, mobile, and of course technology-focused group of employees. What Spencer brings to the table is an engaging tool that saves time and alleviates the frustration of heavy legacy programs.”

Serge Peeters

VP HR, Proximus, Telco, 8.000 FTE

Digital innovation, fast-tracked

On a mission to empower its diverse workforce with an intuitive mobile Employee Self Service suite, Proximus turned to Spencer. Rather than disrupting the core blocks in their IT ecosystem, Proximus chose to keep SAP HR in place and add a new experience layer on top – enter Spencer.

“The true power of Spencer is that it works in tandem with our existing HRM solution. Spencer adds a visually attractive layer on top of it.”
Serge Peeters, VP HR, Proximus, 8.000 FTE

Design Thinking Applied

Spencer always starts from the employee’s perspective. So instead of just answering to the RFP – to bring existing processes or screens to a mobile device format – we decided to take a step back. What would the ideal employee journey look like?

A series of employee journey mapping workshops, prototypes and user-testing sessions later, Spencer’s absences journeys were born. After cross-referencing everything with other customers and other integration parties, to ensure that these product journeys were reusable, we started development of the product features and the integration with SAP HR.

Example of the Spencer experience

Imagine you have 10 vacation days left, across three absence types. In the existing SAP HR solution, booking a holiday would require three separate requests (one per absence type). But as an employee, wouldn’t you expect to simply select the 10-day period in one step?

So that’s exactly what Spencer does. One step for the employee, while Spencer manages all transactions involved in the background. And because he’s a proactive assistant, he will tick every other box on your checklist, so you can go on holiday with peace of mind.

Organisation-wide adoption

A year ago, Spencer was introduced to every employee at Proximus, from the CEO to the technicians on the road, desk and deskless workers alike. Within weeks, our adoption rate exploded. Even though legacy systems are still available, 95% of employees actively chose to install Spencer on their private/personal smartphones, regardless of role, age, or department.

ROI: Engaged Employees + 30k EUR / week

The qualitative feedback on convenience, intuitivity, ease of use positively reflects on the employee engagement and the employer perception. On top of this we benchmarked the time spent in the previous workflow to request and approve time off versus the process in Spencer. Spencer generates significant time-savings, totalling at 30k EUR / week in time saved!

Moreover, 30% of sessions take place outside of working hours, which adds another surplus to the ROI, both on the perceived value for employees as well as on the efficiency scale.

The feedback we got on Spencer’s ease of use told us good things about employee engagement and the employer perception.

We also benchmarked the time spent in the previous workflow to request and approve time off against the process in Spencer. Our conclusion: Spencer generates significant time savings, equal to 30k EUR every week. Additionally, 30% of sessions take place outside of business hours, which adds another surplus to the ROI, both on the value for employees (convenience factor) and on the productivity metrics.

Spencer’s ROI cannot be reduced to one metric. It’s the combination of the qualitative benefits of a new System of Experience, and the quantitative benefits of a System of Productivity. Lastly, as a “layer on top”, Spencer enables fast-paced digital transformation without disrupting your workforce.

Proximus’ employees want more!

Since the very start of our collaboration, Proximus has continuously been extending its offering by integrating more Spencer journeys. It now ranges from typical Employee Self-Service functionalities to Communication and Collaboration aspects such as Who’s Who, Team availability, … and ultimately Operational aspects such as meeting management.

In the end, our goal is to deliver an impactful employee experience across departments, connected with the relevant back-end systems and in line with the company culture, identity and physical space.

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