A paradigm shift in employee empowerment at Delhaize

For the first time, Delhaize strategically invests in a personal digital service for all of its employees. Here’s how Spencer ensures this digital transformation is accessible to all, impactful for the customer.

“How do we foster company-wide collaboration and communication, in a diverse organisation with both office and deskless workers spread over logistics and retail stores?” That was the challenge Delhaize faced.

Delhaize performed a strategic exercise to understand their employees’ needs and desires:

Employee self-service
Employees wished it was easier to check and manage their shifts and vacation time, find expertise, or know when certain coworkers would be there.

Operational guidance
Employees wanted more clarity on their daily tasks: what needs to be done today, and when does it need to be finished?

Background information
Workers wanted to be more informed of the reasoning and context behind certain assignments, decisions or upcoming campaigns and novelties.

Ensuring adoption in a complex environment

With a clear purpose — driving organisation-wide engagement and operational excellence — we started training our “digital assistant”.

The main focus was to ensure the app was all-inclusive and immediately usable.

Delhaize’s workforce is diverse, contains many deskless workers who haven’t got a company-account and generally have limited to no access to personal digital solutions. To ensure we could master this paradigm shift in employee empowerment and engagement, we wanted to take away Delhaize’s concerns about the amount of training that might be needed to use the solution. By understanding the needs of the employees, Spencer’s intuitivity ensured that the solution was immediately usable, no training required.

“As simple as Facebook or WhatsApp”

We organised store visits, to fully understand the context of the different stakeholders at Delhaize. Based on our findings, we tweaked the product configurations and decided to proceed with user validation.

We invited different types of stakeholders (different roles, demographics, native languages, …) to participate in a one-hour user validation session. Interviewees were asked to complete a series of missions in Spencer, without any guidance or training.

The results speak volumes.

Without any training, all testers understood the structure and usage of the product within 50 seconds. After 3 missions, everyone successfully completed a complex, multi-step assignment.

Ultimately, we built an employee app (mobile and desktop) that adheres to the same standards as the tools we use as consumers.

When asked for feedback, this is what we learned from Delhaize employees:

  • 95% indicated that this is a value-added service to receive from their employer
  • 96% indicated that Spencer will help them do their day-to-day job
  • Additionally, 95% said that they would install Spencer on their personal device, making it very clear that employees see the added value of our assistant.

“The simplicity and convenience of a solution that streamlines our operations, drives employee adoption and empowers all internal and external stakeholders to become more connected is a key factor in our choice for Spencer.”

Dieter De Waegeneer

EVP Operations

Open to everyone at Delhaize

Through Single-Sign-On, we could already facilitate typical office workers and digitally equipped personnel, using their existing credentials. To also empower temporary workers or any personnel that is not digitally enrolled, we built an invitation-based workflow; enabling everyone at Delhaize to enjoy Spencer and join the community. On the client side, Delhaize can control which functionalities are made available and which permissions these co-workers are given, keeping data governance and security firmly under control.

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95% adoption, 30k EUR saved per week

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