DEME keeps those far away, closely connected

With employees active on wharfs worldwide, at land or at sea, DEME turned to Spencer to drive employee engagement. Building a strong connection between employees and company, mobile-first.

Innovation challenge accepted

DEME continuously invests in innovation, both external and internal. As part of their internal innovation challenge, a new idea surfaced: to bring the many off-site workers — on wharfs and at sea — closer to those working at HQ.

After some iteration, DEME learned about Spencer’s capabilities and decided that they were a perfect fit for this challenge. In June of 2017, the first version of Spencer went live within DEME.

Feeling motivated as part of the community

DEME primarily uses Spencer’s communications capabilities. This ensures that people on wharfs and at sea are aware of the latest and greatest within the company — no longer just by checking the intranet, but also on their smartphones. Additionally, it was critical to stimulate connectedness and empower people to leverage the expertise of their co-workers.

Thanks to Spencer’s features, this can happen through both the more traditional top-down communication of company news and initiatives; and bottom-up, thanks to local champions who can collect and post news.

The effects are noticeable: Spencer exposes the content of the existing intranet, but gets significantly increased readership.

Finding the expertise around me

Another notable feature is the enriched company org chart: by combining the basic org chart from Office 365 with the skills and competencies from Cornerstone, finding the right person is easier than ever. Looking for someone with expertise in wind energy who is fluent in Russian? Now you can!

Location-specific information

DEME has worldwide coverage, with offices on all continents and a dispersed workforce. Spencer reaches employees across 140 different countries.

Using geofencing technology, Spencer personalises its services based on the current context of the employee. Whenever an employee enters a different DEME branch, across the globe, Spencer immediately updates him about crucial local info. Primarily, this concerns facilities information — about parking, different office hours, etc — but more cultural information can also be included.

“At DEME we have a highly mobile workforce, which makes it a major challenge for us to keep in touch. This mobile workforce relies increasingly heavily on their tablets and smartphones to manage and execute multiple work functions. This is precisely what Spencer does, which has made it a perfect fit for our teams.”

Philip Hermans

General Manager

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95% adoption, 30k EUR saved per week

Proximus (telco) launched Spencer as new experience on top of their SAP systems. Today, 95% of its workforce installed Spencer on their private smartphone, with excellent qualitative feedback and a great ROI.

All-inclusive employee experience

Delhaize (retail & logistics) introduced Spencer to foster collaboration, communication and drive operational processes, from the office to the store front. Spencer serves every single employee in their unique way, no training needed!

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