Spencer is already serving more than 60.000 employees worldwide

Spencer has proven benefits for every type of employee in multiple large enterprises. For desk and deskless workers, in both a blue and white collar workforce.

95% adoption, 30k EUR saved per week

Proximus (telco) launched Spencer as new experience on top of their SAP systems. Today, 95% of its workforce installed Spencer on their private smartphone, with excellent qualitative feedback and a great ROI.

All-inclusive employee experience

Delhaize (retail & logistics) introduced Spencer to foster collaboration, communication and drive operational processes, from the office to the store front. Spencer serves every single employee in their unique way, no training needed!

Keep those far away, closely connected

With employees active on wharfs worldwide, at land or at sea, DEME turned to Spencer to drive employee engagement. Building a strong connection between employees and company, mobile-first.

Spencer proudly serves




Dredging & Marine engineering


Energy & Mobility


Retail & Logistics

Port of Antwerp

Port Authority





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Spencer is designed for your employees

He applies every trick he knows to facilitating end-to-end journeys for your employees, increasing productivity, accelerating decision making, and driving quality and process adherence.

Spencer’s growth track

A tour through Spencer’s youth, from our foundation as a November Five venture, to becoming a Microsoft partner, opening international offices and expanding our partner ecosystem, all whilst caring for employees worldwide.

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