Take time off with peace of mind

The end-to-end journey to enjoy time off requires different steps in numerous systems. Spencer aggregates them all, making sure that employees and managers are adequately informed and supported throughout the process.

Simple and convenient holiday request

Over the weekend, Tom turns to Spencer’s mobile app to see if he still has a few vacation days left.
Spencer fetches his existing absence requests and remaining days off from the HRM system. Together, they schedule his break: fast and convenient, but entirely within the company’s policies and guidelines.

Quick verification and approval

Tom’s team lead Martin is the approver for Tom’s requests (according to the HRM system). Spencer sends him a quick notification, and allows him to assess the team capacity during his absence. He sees no issues and approves the request.

All set, request approved

A notification informs Tom of the approval. Spencer blocks his calendar during his time off.

Manage your conflicting meetings

Tom has meetings planned during his time off. Spencer helps him decline or delegate the sessions and informs the other attendees.

Never forget the out of office

Tom didn’t activate his out-of-office message, so Spencer reminds him to do so. Spencer prefills the start and end date and allows Tom to quickly tailor his existing out-of-office message. All set!

Keeping the team informed

Tom’s team is notified of his absence. Should they need a designer, they can tap Tom’s profile and find other Design Team members who might be able to assist.



Convenient, intuitive and accessible experience, anytime, anywhere


Time-saved for all stakeholders

High Quality

Improving information quality and process adherence


Accelerated decision-making and feedback loop

Systems Involved

HRM for absence requests

SAP, SAP Successfactors, DOTS by Attentia, Officient, Workday, AFAS, eBlox, etc…

Mail and Calendar services for meeting management

Office 365, G Suite, Exchange On Premise 2016

User profile data

Office 365, G Suite, AD, SAP Successfactors, SAP, Workday, etc.

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