Manage meetings effectively

An effective meeting between colleagues, should be simple enough? Yet we all waste so much time assessing where people are, connecting to virtual rooms, ensuring we’ve got a room, … Sounds like a challenge for Spencer – see how he supports Mila throughout the process.

Forgot to book a room?

Spencer prompts Mila to inform her that she forgot to book a meeting room for one of her meetings tomorrow. Together, they quickly find an available room, book it, and inform all attendees of the new location.

Meeting at an unusual location?

Thomas typically works from the Stuttgart office, but this time he’s expected in Frankfurt. Spencer helps him find the office address, and provides a floor plan to find the meeting room.

Attendees in remote offices or working from home?

Mila can see Gerhard is working from the Berlin office today, thanks to Spencer’s location awareness. She swiftly books a phone booth for him in the Berlin office. And since John is working from home today, he can also benefit from the conference call she activates using Spencer.

Inform your colleagues you’re running late

Gerhard got stuck in traffic and is running late for his meeting. Spencer gives him a couple of quick-dial options to inform the team.

Retrieve meeting room

As Thomas arrives in the Frankfurt office, he consults Spencer to find the right meeting room in an unfamiliar environment.

Wait for an attendee, or not?

Mila verifies that Jim did accept the meeting invite… But a quick look at Spencer makes it clear he’s actually on holiday. Time to kick off that meeting — and make an action item to get Jim to use Spencer to manage his meetings.



Spencer proactively flags issues or risks and suggests action


Time-saved for all stakeholders

High Quality

Improving information quality and process adherence


All information is available to come to the right decision

Systems Involved

Additional information

Spencer adds office information, meeting room floorplans and specifics as well as office presence of colleagues

Mail and Calendar services for meeting management

Office 365, G Suite, Exchange On Premise 2016

User profile data

Office 365, G Suite, AD, SAP Successfactors, SAP, Workday, etc.

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Plan your time off with peace of mind

Both Tom and his manager Martin rely on Spencer to guide them throughout the process.

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