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what can Spencer do for you?

You’ll always experience Spencer through dedicated workflows. Underneath, he has his specific skill set. Many of these skills are used across journeys and delivered through a personalised and contextual feed.

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The heart of Spencer

Spencer is powered by a range of capabilities to grasp all the benefits of our employee-journey thinking.

Segmentation & targeting

Our segmentation builder lets you tailor the experience to specific company groups (departments, offices, project teams, etc).

SSO or Spencer invitation

Spencer connects to your Single-Sign-On system. A secured and invitation-based account can be created for unenrolled workers.

Profile & personalisation

Employees can manage their profile and personalise their Spencer experience, providing optimised services for every individual.

Push notifications

Spencer subtly uses notifications to facilitate transactional processes and keep employees informed.

Unified search

Finding a document, news post, policy or a colleague is easy: one request, and Spencer provides the most relevant result.

Location awareness

Using GeoFencing, Spencer can present office location-specific information: meeting rooms, lunch menu, latest local news, …

Integration partners

Spencer gets access to all the information he needs through company-specific integrations. Among others, we are ready to integrate with:

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Privacy & security

Discover how Spencer is designed from the ground up to respect your Privacy and Security.

Spencer is designed for your employees

He applies every trick he knows to facilitate end-to-end journeys for your employees, increasing productivity, accelerating decision making, and driving quality and process adherence.

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