Assisting your employees from intent to destination, across departments

Just like a CEO’s trusted managing assistant, Spencer proactively helps employees reach their goals. Unconstrained by silos or systems, he simply gets the job done.

From scattered transactions to assisted workflows

In today’s workplace, you usually find a wide range of fragmented and disconnected tools. Multiple passwords and clunky interfaces are the norm – while you and your employees expect intuitive, simple and continuous experiences.

Spencer is designed for employees. He tackles the end-to-end journey they go through to stay up to speed, enjoy time off, get things done at work, manage their personal development, and more.

What a truly smart assistant can do for you

Spencer gives your employees one tool to complete end-to-end journeys. He connects to your existing software and tunes in with your office space and your company’s DNA.

Plan your time off with peace of mind

Both Tom and his manager Martin rely on Spencer to guide them throughout the process.

Manage meetings efficiently

Mila is known as the ultimate meeting organiser. Her secret: she’s using Spencer.

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A good assistant knows your tooling inside & out.

For optimal performance, Spencer operates as a layer on top of your existing enterprise solutions. Of course, he respects your data governance and business processes.
Among others, he’s fully integrated with:

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Tons of features make great journeys

Each of these journeys is powered by Spencer’s unique capabilities and configurable modules.

The right solution for your industry

Spencer serves over 60.000 employees worldwide, across a wide range of industries. Discover what Spencer could do for you.

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