‘New Normal Internal Communication Crash Course’
We simply call it NNICCC

Learn in 3 simple steps how to cope with the new normal

In times when two year roll outs for digital transformation projects have been accelerated to two weeks, it is no wonder that everyone is looking for a little help.

And now that internal communication has become absolutely key in keeping employees aligned and motivated, this crash course is meant to be just that: a tool that will help you to determine your approach to the new normal that awaits us all.

What will you learn from this crash course?

How to evaluate the current situation. So you know exactly what gaps need to be filled in order to make internal communication meet the new requirements.

Defining the needs for the new approach. Now you know where the gaps are, this lesson will explain how to fill them.

How to implement the solution fast and without hassle. The fact that digital transformation has been accelerated exponentially, doesn’t mean it cannot be done properly. And it doesn’t mean you have to throw away everything you’re currently using.