Your job

We’re true believers in knowledge sharing. That’s why we’re happy to accept interns!

At Spencer we want to help our clients in creating a better environment for their employees, where they truly feel at home. There is a cultural aspect to that, but you need to have a top-notch communication strategy, that’s what really makes the difference. Having joined the Fast Company 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators 2020 we try to lead by example.

We’re looking for students who are craving hands-on experience and responsibilities, and who are above all eager to learn.


If you live and breathe technology like we do, can spot a patchy UX from a mile away, write beautiful code or love to build websites with the utmost care, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for students from diverse backgrounds to join the team and learn – and maybe teach us something, too! Whether you’re majoring in web or mobile development, ICT, design, or multimedia, we’re curious to see what you bring.

Convinced this is the job for you?

Hit the ‘Apply’ button below to send us an email why you want to work with us. Don’t forget to attach your resume 😉.

The benefits

You become part of an ambitious organisation and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Spencer is taking its first international steps and grows as a business, you can leave your mark – growing alongside Spencer.

On top of that we enjoy the perks of a spin-off. We’re part of November Five, meaning we have access to their expertise, knowledge, and supporting services. As a result, we can ensure that our remuneration blueprint can be tailored to your personal needs and efforts. We all enjoy flexible office hours and an equally flexible income plan. There are some cherries on top, including breakfast and fresh daily lunch, made by our own chefs, and an office space you’ll be happy to call home.