September Release v4.13.0

21 septembre 2020

It is with great excitement that we announce our September release! We’ve been working night and day to be able to provide you this awesome update, including new features and functionalities. And not to forget: our measurements release.

Spencer Measurements

In Belgium we have a saying « meten is weten » – measuring is knowledge.

That’s why we’ve been working hard to give you insights and metrics on your employee’s activity and news publications, to measure the impact of your internal communication efforts.

With this release, we make the Spencer measurements dashboard available to all our customers. By making this feature available for everyone, we’re taking huge steps forward. We will provide you – as a content creator – the tools to measure the reach of your message, and take action where needed.

News analytics

Getting your messages across is one thing, but making sure if they are read, is another. Well, we’re doing it. We give you insights in how your articles are being read over time, to analyze the performance of your communication efforts.

On top of that, we also provide you the best performing articles of the month, to see which messages are best performing.

User adoption & activity

To get a better understanding on how Spencer is being used within your organisation, we’ve added more information about the overall usage of the platform, giving you industry-standard type of reporting (DAU – WAU – MAU) to properly compare with other ongoing initiatives.

Based on our analytics you should be able to identity if your content is appealing enough for people to return on a regular basis or not.

GIFs & emoji in news articles

We listened to your feedback in Shipright. And that’s why in this release, we pimped our news publications. From now on it’s possible to use GIFs as the main image of your article. There is no better way than to say it with a GIF.

These GIFs will be displayed in the cards in the feed, as well as in the detail of the article. Small side note: on Android we weren’t able yet to make them play.

On top of that, we also support emoji in your articles and titles!

Upload users in the back office

Did you encounter a situation where you had to update a couple of users in bulk, but you did not want to wait for the next overnight CSV sync? Or maybe you don’t even have an SFTP configured? Well, we’ve got a solution ready for you.

From now on you are able to upload CSV files yourself and you don’t have to wait 24 hours to see any changes. We added a template file as well, so you can get started straight away!

Important ☝️ to read through the following notes to fully master your new upload powers:

  • You only have to upload the users you want to update. Isn’t that nice! No more 400 records in your CSV because of that one user with a typo in his first name.
  • You’re not able to archive users through the upload, only update or create. If you want to archive certain users, you can do it manually in the back office or wait for the nightly sync job.
  • An email address can be configured to receive updates about the validation process. If there are errors that show up, we will list them for you in the uploaded file and send it back to you. There’s no email address configured by default, so make sure you communicate it to
  • The uploaded users are created/updated in the background after uploading. Depending on the volume of users, it could take up a few minutes. You are not blocked until everything is processed, so you can still write those relevant publications to your audience.

If you have any questions or want more guidance, reach out to

Updated CSV structure

We’ve optimized our CSV structure as well. There is 1 major change, 2 minor changes, and 1 additional field you can use.

Major change

  • authentication_id (when using company accounts): This new field expects the UPN-value to identify the user in your SOR. So no more UPN:xxx in the other_identifiers, as this column will hold data for other systems of records (absences, holidays, …) than identity.

Minor change

  • preferred_language instead of primary_language
  • phone numbers need to have the + in front of it: +32 XXX XX XX XX

Additional field

  • date_of_birth: YYYY-MM-DD

⚠️ Important note: We will support the old file structure until December 2020. If your file isn’t updated by then, users won’t get updated/archived or created.

If you want more information or need help reach out to 

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Bugfix case where on a Macintosh device the last sentence of a news publication wasn’t visible.
  • Small bug fixes and general improvements.