May Release v4.9.0

11 mai 2020

First, we hope everyone is doing well.

At Spencer, everyone has been working remotely since the lockdown. We will continue to do so for the upcoming months while being of service to you as good as possible.

To allow our customers to create opportunities, make improvements and boost the overall result of the organization, we have created the following.

Spencer Extension Framework

An extension framework: what does that mean exactly?

Spencer can easily be extended upon. It offers the possibility for an existing (or to be created) web application to be integrated into Spencer, and allows you to build and integrate your own custom solutions or workflows.

And it is a true framework as we have opened up our entire API-ecosystem for you to use. You can leverage Spencer’s push notification functionalities, the Spencer card feed and all information stored in Spencer.


The main goal is to enable an organization to create solutions on top of the existing Spencer product. If e.g. your organization is struggling to get the correct time sheets from everyone within the company, then perhaps our extension framework can be the solution.

It is these types of extensions that brings your internal communication to the attention of every single employee. Everyone always returns to the platform. So chances are that, at that time, people interact with your content as well.

Main features

• Integrate cards into the Spencer feed
• Alert a user via a push notification that is linked to a card in the feed
• Allow users true Single Sign-On, without having to log in into your extension – even when users are only known within Spencer or your company’s SSO solution

Renewed login flow

In order to meet the highest security standards – as described in RFC 8252: Best Practice for oAuth2 in Native Apps – Spencer leverages the system browser to perform its login and logout flows. The flow is technically identical to the previous releases but with the additional security provided by the user’s browser.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue with a free text field when exporting a Survey in the back office.
  • Fixed an issue in the News overview in the back office when applying filters.
  • When updating an existing news article in the back office, you now have the option to send a new push notification or not. It will be turned off by default.