5 great excuses not to invest in digital employee experience – and why you should handle them with care

by | Nov 14, 2019

1 – We need to define our current processes and systems first

The perfect argument to justify inertia, it always holds true in no matter what context – as your current transformation will be followed by the next transformation in your effort to stay ahead of the curve. Waterfall methodologies don’t work for fast-moving challenges like experience and they will force you to jump into the deep end, without necessarily knowing the precise path to reach your goals.

There is no better time to start acting upon Employee Experience than now. Pick an experienced partner and platform. You’ll start, learn and iterate. Ultimately it will even help you take your employees through the ongoing transformation by explaining the ins and outs of it – and perhaps even by creating abstraction from the underlying technology changes.

According to Gartner, EX is one of the top 3 priorities for HR Directors worldwide in 2020; will you miss the boat and endanger your access to talent? Or will you start small, iterate, learn from every step along the way and reach your goals?

2 – We already have this

You sure do – we could send letters prior to email as well: think pigeons, postal services and stamps. If you boil down “Experience” to a series of transactions and functions, you might already have the full catalogue covered. When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, we were already able to have a mobile phone call, send a text message, listen to music and even browse the internet on the go – by elevating the experience though he created an entirely new billion-dollar product category.

Employee expectations are set outside of the work-environment and experience has become the norm. Will you scramble and contain the damage, or will you leverage your existing transactional ecosystem as a head start to cash in on the next challenge?

3 – It’s IT’s responsability

Your employees don’t care about your silos. Their experience is the sum of all touchpoints regardless of who’s managing them. Therefore employee experience is a team-effort, winners forge new alliances across silos and connect experiences. An integrated employee experience platform with closed-loop reporting can help in organically forging those alliances. Employee experience is not merely about efficiency and process; as employee advocates, people-oriented functions play a key role in steering the transformation.

4 – We don’t have the operational capacity to manage this

Employee Experience, whether digital or not – preferably both! – is a mindset, one where you’ll move step by step to improve the experience for your employees. Whether you believe it or not, you already manage separate components of experience; you already communicate, you already have policies, guidelines and process, some of them are already managed digitally. Making your Employee Value Proposition more impactful does not imply more work, it implies a degree of change to deliver more impact!

The right systems allow gradual change and growth, they bank on and integrate existing efforts. An integrated experience platform both enables governance and management change, while improving and keeping consistency in the experiences for employees.

5 – The business case is just not tangible enough to convince management

We feel your pain, however … our fellow employee experience experts at Tower Watson recently confirmed it once and for all with an objective data-driven study – better employee experience drives superior financial results across the board.

And what defines & drives superior EX for employees is a strong sense of purpose and belonging, trust in senior leadership & the ability of the organisation to move along with market trends swiftly – not to the ease of doing work.

With increasingly complex and decentralized operating models and employees desensitized to top-down, disruptive and non-personalized communication – how will you keep connected to an increasingly demanding experience-native workforce?

As you can see, there are really no excuses not to start taking your Digital Employee Experience to the next level! We can help, and we look forward to talking to you.

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